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Some of Air New Zealand’s flights are about to become known for more than just their great service and delicious food.

The airline will launch Skynest, a beds-on-board concept for economy-class passengers in September 2024.

The concept will feature six sleep pods in a bunk bed configuration. The six pods will be located between the economy and premium economy cabins. It will only be available on certain long-haul routes. This includes one of the world’s longest flights in the world, the 17-hour direct flight between New York City and Auckland.

A representative for the airline told CNN Travel that the decision is based on sleep cycle research.

“The airline did a fair bit of research around sleep cycles. A typical sleep cycle is around 90 minutes, so a four-hour session gives the opportunity for customers to wind down, fall asleep and wake up.”

One pod will cost between $254 and $380 for a four-hour block. This is on top of the regular cost of a ticket. For hygienic reasons, the cabin crew will change the bedding in every single pod after each use.

Image credit: Stuff

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