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Robin Greenfield is definitely doing his part to save the world.

The American has been growing his own “toilet paper” to avoid having to use actual toilet paper. Greenfield uses the leaves of the blue spur flower, a plant that’s native to South Africa and many Asian countries.

In 2013, the 36-year-old started using leftover serviettes and tissues. He managed to do this until 2018 when a friend offered him a small cutting of the spur flower plant.

He planted it and a year later the tree had enough flowers for a family of five to make use of it instead of toilet paper.

The eco-warrior told People magazine that the switch to leaves from toilet paper is not enough. To make the switch, you’ll also have to use a compost toilet. The leaves can’t be flushed without causing blockages in the toilet’s pipes.

Greenfield admits that he hasn’t always been the conservation-loving type of guy. At the age of 24, he learned about the harmful effect that people and their daily habits have on the planet. It had such a massive impact on him that he went from a “drunk dude to a dude making a difference”.

“To cut down forests, just to wipe our butt with the softest paper, is, to me, the ultimate disrespect.”

Image credit: People Magazine

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