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South African comedian Tsoanelo “Tsoanieskits” Moyo has done what many have thought to be impossible. Along with two of his friends, Moyo took an Uber from Joburg all the way to Cape Town.

The aim of the 1,409km trip was to take the longest Uber ride in Africa.

The entire adventure was recorded and posted on Moyo’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Moyo says they requested a couple of drivers before they eventually managed to get a driver on their third attempt.

Darlington was enthusiastic about the ride and agreed to transport Moyo and his friends as long as he got paid for the ride.

Even Moyo couldn’t believe that they were actually doing it.

“I don’t believe  we are doing this, I can’t believe we are doing this. Let’s just do it.”

After only an hour into the trip, Moyo got tired.

IOL reports that at some point, the Uber app said the maximum driving limit had been reached.

They eventually arrived in Cape Town with an Uber account of  R8,365.

Image credit: Cape Town ETC

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