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Known as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macao has just opened a new hotel and area that will make any British person feel right at home.

The Londoner Macao consists of two hotels, The Londoner Hotel and Londoner Court. Although the property has been open for two years and operating, the city’s very strict Covid regulations meant international tourists were mostly unable to visit.

When it finally got the chance to open its doors to everyone, even David Beckham made an appearance to celebrate the opening.

The football star not only attended the opening as part of the celebrations, but he also designed high-end suites on the property.

The property features replicas of Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, and a statue of Winston Churchill with a model of his beloved Larry the Cat.

Guests can even hop on a traditional black cab or a double-decker red bus to see other replicas including Nelson’s Column, the Abbey Road crossing known for the famous The Beatles album cover and statues of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

CNN reports that Macao, the former Portuguese colony is trying to rebrand itself as a family-friendly destination with more to offer than just gambling. An expanding food and beverage scene plus investment in art and new non-gaming attractions is slowly reshaping the way the world looks at Macao.

Image credit: Casino.org

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