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Date: 2018-08-15

South Africa has had a few petrol increases this year, but the failure of officials from the Department of Energy to attend an Energy portfolio Committee meeting on petrol price shows its lack of a plan to deal with rising fuel prices, said DA MP, Gavin Davis.

"This no-show by a government delegation was disrespectful to Parliament and disrespectful to the millions of South Africans who are struggling with the high cost of living," said Davis.

The parliament's Portfolio Committee on Energy was prepared to receive a briefing on SA's fuel price today, however, the officials from the Department of Energy did not attend the meeting.

The briefing was for the committee to address the concerns around the increasing fuel prices. "We wanted the Department of Energy to give the public a clear idea of what influences the fuel price," said committee Chairperson Fikile Majola.

The Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe, was set to address the meeting, however, he was reportedly away in Windhoek on business.

"However, the meeting was not cancelled due to the unavailability of the minister, as the deputy minister or the director-general and officials could brief the committee in the meantime," said Majola.

Majola stated that this behaviour would not be tolerated by the committee and they would need to write to the minister. "We will not allow the executive to disrespect us. I will also report this matter to the speaker," said Majola.

Davis added that the lack of showing is an indication that the "government simply has no plan to deal with the fuel price".

"The minister has an opportunity to prove us wrong by appearing before the committee next Tuesday and presenting a credible plan to bring down the price of petrol."

Fuel increases

The price of petrol in South Africa has risen drastically since the beginning of 2018, rising from R14.42 in January to R16.02 in July. The increase is in addition to an increase in the VAT to 15% and has put added pressure on South African consumers.

Below is a graph that outlines the petrol price increase in South Africa over the past 10 years.

Sa Government Has

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