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A South African woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Thailand for selling drugs. Ashley Oosthuizen was sentenced in August last year, but her family has been fighting to get her sentence overthrown after her then-boyfriend admitted to the guilt.

The 22-year-old’s former American boyfriend, Triss Nepps, admitted to the crime on Facebook but he is still free and living a good life in the United States.

His Facebook status reads: “I was a high-school science teacher at one of the leading international schools there (Thailand), but I made more than most of my money from selling party drugs to the expats. Everything I do is for Ashley.”

Ashley left her hometown of George in March 2018 after she accepted a teaching job on Thailand’s Koh Samui Island. After meeting Triss, she left her teaching job and became an employer of the restaurant that Triss worked at. She signed for a parcel on behalf of someone else and within a few minutes, she was arrested for selling drugs.

Triss says he wasn’t able to create awareness around Ashley’s case earlier.

“Had I come sooner, no one would listen. Now that I have websites, a business, a book, and more – now Ashley can no longer be ignored. Ashley’s only crime was being my girlfriend.”

Her family is trying to appeal her sentence. An online petition has been started and #FreeAshley has been created to put the spotlight on her case.

Image credit: Netwerk24

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