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Orbital Assembly Corporation, a space construction company, has announced that it aims to launch two space stations featuring tourist accommodation.

The first hotel will be called Voyager Station and is scheduled to accommodate 400 guests. The developers hope to open the hotel by 2027.

The second hotel, named Pioneer Station, will be able to house 28 people and could open as early as 2024.

According to Orbital Assembly, the goal is to run a space “business park” home to offices as well as tourists.

Although the ideas are great and the general public gets very excited, many fear that it might only be something that’s available to the super-wealthy.

Tim Alatorre, Orbital Assembly Corporation’s chief operating officer has told CNN that he thinks the price barrier will lift as space tourism takes off.

“The goal has always been to make it possible for large amounts of people to live, work and thrive in space.”

Besides cost, space radiation exposure is also a worry, but Alatorre doesn’t seem to phased about it.

CNN reports that as well as cost, there are other roadblocks to creating a space community, said Alatorre, namely figuring out how much artificial gravity will be needed, and navigating current guidelines surrounding space radiation exposure.

But as tourists wouldn’t necessarily stay for more than a couple of weeks, Alatorre suggested this wouldn’t impact visitors and would be more of an issue for those working on the stations.

Image credit: Newsbeezer

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