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The town of Durham in England came under the spotlight last week when a team of police call handlers managed to save a woman from her attacker in the town of Durham in Canada.

The woman in Durham, Canada realised an intruder was in her house and was scared that he might hear her while she phoned the police, so she made use of their online chat service.

After she typed the message “I need help, he is in the house” she fell silent.

Luckily the police call handlers in England realised that she had contacted the wrong police force, 3000 miles away.

They managed to get hold of their Canadian counterparts and a mere 30 minutes later they showed up at the women’s house.

When police arrived at the woman’s house, they tasered the man and arrested him.

The BBC reports that the woman had been attacked and was taken for medical treatment.

Inspector Andrea Arthur, head of Durham Police’s control room, told The BBC “This was an unusual incident and a very distressing situation for the victim, but the team remained calm and managed to help our Canadian colleagues resolve the situation quickly and professionally.

“If we can assist in rescuing a vulnerable victim in immediate danger, regardless of where they live, we will do all we can to help.”

Image credit: New York Post

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