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In a high-risk operation 28 prematurely born babies were evacuated from a hospital in Gaza and taken to Egypt for urgent treatment.

The babies were in the Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s biggest hospital. Several other babies died after Israel attacked Gaza City and the collapse of the area’s medical services happened.

Doctors at the hospital said they were forced to leave by Israeli troops while Israel say the medical staff left the hospital voluntarily.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 12 people were killed at another Gaza hospital after it was encircled by tanks belonging to the Israeli army.

Before their departure to Egypt, the babies were moved to a hospital in Rafah in Gaza. Their condition were monitored and stabilised ahead of their move to Egypt.

Ambulances were waiting for medical staff as they carefully lifted the premature babies from inside an ambulance and placed them in mobile incubators.

The incubators were pushed across a car park where other ambulances waited to transport them to a hospital in Egypt.

Image credit: The Times of Israel

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