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Although still in its early clinical trial stages, a new toothpaste could prevent severe reactions to peanut allergies.

Scientists recently developed a toothpaste containing tiny amounts of peanuts. It’s believed that when small amounts of peanuts are introduced to the body over time, the immune system will get used to the allergen and reduce severe reactions.

During the trial, scientists asked adults to use the toothpaste for two minutes a day over a period of 11 months.

Sky News reports that at the end of the study, none of the participants experienced anaphylaxis – an allergic response often characterised by difficulty breathing, swelling in the throat, pale skin, blue lips, fainting or dizziness – or any other severe symptoms.

The scientists involved believed they might be able to prevent life-threatening allergic reactions in children and adults.

According to the study’s lead author Doctor William Berger, toothpaste should be easier to administer compared to traditional methods.

“Patients do not have to do anything other than brush their teeth. We think it will provide better protection because the patient will be taking their treatment on a regular basis without any interruptions.”

Image credit: Science News

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