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A 55-year-old renter in Los Angeles finally left the Airbnb she was living in rent-free after a judge ordered her to do so.

Elizabeth Hirschhorn was escorted from the Airbnb she was living in in Los Angeles after Sacha Jovanovic, the owner, went to court to get his house back.

After finding the place and booking it through Airbnb, Hirschhorn was only meant to stay for six months but ended up staying rent-free for almost two years.

The property has several suites each with its own patio, a fully equipped gym, a pool and a tennis court located on the rooftop.

On the day that the police showed up with their order to evict the renter, photos were released showing the police standing in one of the bedrooms while movers were taking Hirschhorn’s belongings out of the house and putting them in a rental truck.

Statements said that Hirschhorn left with the police voluntarily.

“Three men removed every item and Elizabeth Hirschhorn left with a police escort. Perceiving this as a voluntary act of abandonment, the locks were changed, and possession was retaken by the plaintiff (Jovanovic).”

One of the requests made by Hirschhorn was that the owner should pay her a relocation fee of $100,000 to cover her move. It was denied.

Image credit: HITC

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