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Anthems To Be Re-recorded For Rugby World Cup

After facing criticism from all four corners of the world, organisers of the Rugby World Cup have announced that they are in the process of recording new versions of the respective countries’ national anthems.

After players and supporters were out of sync with the recordings playing, organisers were criticised and asked to deal with the matter.

The disastrous outcome was that of choirs involving 7,000 French schoolchildren. The children were from diverse backgrounds and sung each country’s anthem while accompanied by music. The recorded tracks were played inside the stadiums.

Tournament director Michel Poussau said at a media briefing that the organisers have received the feedback from the fans and the players and that they hope the new versions will be approved by everyone.

“We’ve clearly understood and received the feedback from fans and team as well and we all know the anthems are a central part of the experience of the fans, the players and the teams so we have definitely understood the feedback.”

He continued, saying the new versions will still include the children used in the original recordings.

“We will still have that touch from the kids who have been amazing and have been working very hard and deserve to be part of the anthems.”

Image credit: The Independent

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