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A brother and sister from Canada have been named by Guinness as the world’s most premature twins.

Born 126 days early, Adiah and Adriah Nadarajah overtook the previous record of 125 days early. The previous record was held by twins born in Iowa, United States.

The BBC reports that if the children had been born even one hour earlier than 22 weeks, life-saving measures would not have been attempted by the hospital.

Shakina Rajendram went into labour at just 21 weeks and five days. At the time, doctors told her that the babies we not viable and had no chance of survival.

The hospital told the father of the babies, Kevin Nadaraj, that it wouldn’t be able to help him. Luckily they were able to move Shakina to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto where a specialist neonatal intensive care unit was ready for the delivery of the babies.

Despite serious medical issues, Adiah and Adrial recently celebrated their first birthday.

Shakina said they “watched the babies almost die before our eyes many times” and although they are still being closely followed by doctors, the siblings are “doing great”.

Image credit: People

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