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Local authorities in the town of Tilburg in The Netherlands have warned people to be on the lookout for a snake. The snake has been identified as a poisonous green mamba and is between 1.8 and 2 metres long.

People are advised to keep their distance and avoid approaching the snake. It’s believed the snake escaped its owners house in the town of Tilburg.

CNN reports that the tropical snake has a fondness for warm, dark spaces, saying it is unlikely the runaway mamba has slithered out of its owner’s house to face the cold Dutch winter.

A spokesperson for the local municipality said there are three species of green mamba, all native to Africa.

The spokesperson didn’t specify which species the missing snake belonged to.

The municipality has warned people that the snake is highly venomous, although it rarely attacks humans, but if it does the fast-acting venom will likely kill a person within a few days. It usually preys on lizards, small mammals and birds.

Image credit: CNN

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