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After two days of searching for a fighter jet, the US Military has announced that it found a debris field.

The F-35 went missing after it was involved in a mishap last weekend.

When the pilot realised that the jet was malfunctioning, they safely ejected from the aircraft. The pilot was taken to a local medical centre and was cleared as being in a stable condition.

However, it’s believed that the pilot left the jet in autopilot when he ejected and that is what caused the F-35 to keep on flying.

Joint Base Charleston had to call in help from units and leaders in the Marines and Navy, the FAA, Air Patrol and local law enforcement across the state of South Carolina. It also called upon the public for assistance.

In a social media post, Joint Base Charleston put out a request asking the public for any information. The post received backlash and gained international attention after several high ranked government people commented.

The mishap is currently under investigation.

Image credit: NBC News

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