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While spotting a celebrity or two a day might be something those living in Los Angeles are used to, it’s definitely not something the people in England’s Norfolk County are used to.

One shopper, Sam Frary and her husband Kevin were shopping for their usual grocery items when she spotted the 68-year-old actor “mooching around the digestive biscuits”.

Frary told RTE that she “looked and said: ‘That’s… John Travolta!’ but he didn’t believe me”.

“He was just mooching around the digestive biscuits and most shoppers didn’t have a clue who they were standing next to. He was so approachable and friendly, so when he came and stood next to me at the end of the checkout, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to him.”

SkyNews reports that the star of Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever was also seen relaxing at a pub in the town of Dereham, around 15 miles west of Norwich. The American actor is believed to be in the area for filming at Raynham Hangar Studios and it came just days after he was on stage at the Oscars in Los Angeles.

Image credit: The Times

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