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Celebrity Kylie Jenner has been branded “a full-time climate criminal”.

This comes after the 24-year-old was called out for taking a 17-minute flight in order to miss traffic.

You Magazine reports that it all started when Kylie shared an image on Instagram of her and boyfriend Travis Scott standing between two planes along with the caption, “You wanna take mine or yours”?

With their details open for everyone to see, Twitter account @CelebJets posted an image showing Kylie’s route between Camarillo and Van Nuys. The entire journey took 17 minutes.

When driving a car between the two Los Angeles-based cities, the trip usually takes 45 minutes.

The trip quickly went viral and those sharing their opinions weren’t holding back.

One user said “This display of wealth is unbelievable. So detached from the common person’s struggles.”

Kylie and her mom Kris Jenner recently made headlines when, during an episode of their show The Kardashians, they went to a store and paid for groceries using their own bank cards.

They made a big fuss about not having been in shops before and even went so far as to call the carwash a “tourist attraction”.

Image credit: Netherlands Posts English

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