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A man in the United States received the biggest fine of his life when he recently drove 56 kilometres per hour over the speed limit.

Connor Cato was driving home when he was caught driving 144 kilometres per hour in an 88-kilometre-per-hour zone.

When he received the fine, he initially thought it was a typo. He contacted the local traffic department and was told that the fine was a placeholder which was generated by computer software.

The city staff member told Cato that he could choose to “either pay the amount on the ticket or come to court on December 21 at 13:30”.

The local government explained that a placeholder fine means that the person who received it doesn’t have to pay the hefty penalty. The large amount is automatically applied to anyone caught doing more than 56 kilometres per hour.

Cate has to appear in court in December where it’s then expected the fine will be adjusted to an amount in the region of R19,000.

Image credit: The Citizen

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