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Come December and disabled gamers around the world will be able to add a Sony controller made especially for them to their Christmas wish list.

Although this controller has been hailed as a game changer, excuse the pun, the gaming giant has been under pressure for a long time as rivals have brought similar products to market over the last few years.

The Sony controller have large buttons arranged in a circle and a joystick on one of the sides.

Jeremy Lecerf is a disabled gamer who played a game using the new disabled controller at the launch in London.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see able-bodied people using it. It’s extremely well thought-out and it’s good to see that the industry is really taking the plunge.”

Alvin Daniel, senior technical program manager at PlayStation, said the industry had to wake up to the needs of disabled gamers.

“We wanted not the player to adapt to the controller but the controller to adapt to the player. No two people experience a disability in exactly the same way.”

According to a report by Scope, two-thirds of disabled gamers face barriers to playing games, and 40% have brought video games that they were unable to use because of poor accessibility.

Image credit: Sky News

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