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The world’s most popular streaming platform, Spotify is about to add more offerings to its subscribers.

The new supremium tier will cost more, but will offer extra features, one of those will be lossless audio. Spotify’s biggest rival, Apple Music, already offers this feature.

Other streaming platforms that also offer lossless audio already include Amazon and Tidal.

Apple Music already offers 24-bit lossless audio where Spotify is lagging behind.

Another feature is the advanced playlist mixing tools that will allow subscribers to choose songs by feel, activity, tempo and more. It will also feature new listening stats, audiobooks and AI playlist generation tools.

Taboola News reports that Spotify has focused heavily on artificial intelligence tools in recent months. They have included the addition of an AI DJ that not only automatically selects songs but also introduces them, and AI-powered translation that allows people to listen to podcasts in other languages but with realistic-sounding voices.

Image credit: Spotify Advertising

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