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Several celebrities have come out to warn people about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Tom Hanks recently took to his social media platforms to warn his followers that a video is currently doing the rounds featuring an AI version of him promoting a dental plan.

“There is a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.”

He also posted a screenshot of the video showing a copy of the unauthorised digital version of him.

The Oscar-winning actor received hundreds and thousands of likes and has started people talking about the dangers and implications surrounding AI.

Another celebrity who has since warned her followers about an AI version of her, is CBS Mornings talk show host and Oprah’s bestie, Gayle King.

King recently shared the news with her followers that there’s a bogus video clip inviting viewers to learn about her weight-loss secret.

News24 reports that tech giants Google, Meta and Microsoft are among those racing to capitalise on the promise of generative AI while trying to avoid perils such as the technology’s potential as a weapon for misinformation and cybercrime.

Image credit: The Times

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