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Hundreds of people had to evacuated off the Greek Island of Rhodes. A wildfire has been burning for five days straight and authorities are worried because there is no end in sight yet.

Private boats and coastguard vessels teamed up to evacuate at least 2,000 people from beaches close to Kiotari and Lardos in the southeastern part of the island.

Those that had to be evacuated include locals and tourists.

Ongoing evacuations are taking place as they continue to help people get off the island.

Villages located on other parts of the island have also been urged to evacuate.

Due to strong winds fanning the wildfire, new outbreaks have been reported. Air water bombers and reinforcements by Slovakia have joined local firefighters as they try to contain the fire.

Konstantinos Taraslias, deputy mayor of Rhodes, said the wind’s impact is profound.

“We had set up firebreaks around the village of Laerma last night, but a 180-degree change of the winds this morning helped the fire grow much bigger across many kilometres… reaching a tourist area.”

Reuters reports that fires are common in Greece but hotter, drier and windy summers have turned the country into a wildfire hotspot in recent years. Meteorologists have warned that the current sweltering temperatures are expected to last until the end of the month.

Image credit: Outlook India

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