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Although limited at the moment, some travellers travelling to Finland will be able to make use of digital passports.

At the moment, this luxury is only available to travellers flying on Finnair Airways from Helsinki to Britain.

The Finnish Border Guard allows qualifying travellers to quickly pass through border control by registering a digital version of their passport in advance.

News 9 Live reports that Finnish citizens travelling to the United Kingdom must obtain the FIN DTC Pilot app to their smartphones. The app requires a screen-locking mechanism such as a PIN, fingerprint or face ID. The passengers must also register with the police at the license facilities of the Vantaa Main Police Station.

Recently, Changi Airport in Singapore announced that it will go passport-free starting in 2024.

In 2023, Singapore passports were named the world’s most powerful passport.

Singaporean passport holders already enjoy visa-free and visa-on-demand access to more countries than any other passport holder.

Image credit: Travelobiz

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