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Since the release of her memoir, Thicker Than Water Kerry Washington has shared a lot of her secrets, but there was also a secret that she didn’t know about.

The Fixer actress found out the truth when she was invited to participate in an episode of Finding Your Roots back in 2018. The show is popular in the United States and tracks the histories of families using DNA and genealogical records.

When her parents were asked to spit in a tube that would go for testing, her mom freaked out, saying “I didn’t know that this was going to happen”.

This caused major worries for her dad and he started having panic attacks and suffered from insomnia. He eventually withdrew from the show and the host, Dr Henry Louis Gates was forced to mediate between the parties and he convinced her parents to share the truth with their daughter.

The family held a meeting, and her parents told the 46-year-old Washington that because they struggled to conceive naturally, they made use of an anonymous sperm donor.

An extract from her book details her thoughts on the situation:

“The idea that I was not his never occurred to me. It was just, Why can’t I be better to him? Why can’t we be closer? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with us?”

Image credit: Daily Mail

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