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A couple travelling from Paris to Singapore had to move from their premium seats, for which they had to cough up extra money, to economy because of their neighbour.

Their neighbour wasn’t a human, but rather a dog. A farting, drooling and snorting dog.

When they boarded the plane in Paris, they found their seats and realised that they’re seated next to a passenger with a dog. They believed the dog to be an emotional support animal.

The dog immediately started to snort and drool.

Gill asked her husband to sort it out as they can’t sit next to a dog for the duration of the 13-hour flight. Warren spoke to a flight attendant, but the only open seats were economy seats. At first, they decided not to move, but eventually moved because they couldn’t handle the noises and smell anymore.

The completed an incident report and received a $73 gift voucher.

They contacted the airline for months after that because they believed they deserved more than that. The price difference between premium and economy is more than $73.

Eventually, they received a refund of $1,410. The couple has decided to donate the money to an organisation that matches vision-impaired people with service dogs.

Image credit: Daily Mail

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