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South Africa is currently facing its worst even avian flu ever and retailers are doing what they can to protect their stock.

Retailers have started rationing their eggs to customers.

Woolworths said that it had “implemented a limit on whole egg purchases in our stores to six eggs per customer”.  The luxury retailer has also confirmed that it's working with farmers to “ensure regular supply returns as soon as possible”.

There’s no doubt that farmers, retailers and consumers are hoping that the egg shortage will soon be a thing of the past.

The group has said it’s only a temporary thing and that they will ensure customers across all the shopping platforms are aware of the limitations currently set.

Meanwhile, Pick n Pay has also confirmed that it’s asked customers to “shop responsibly” and, depending on the region, will “limit purchases to one or two egg packs per customer”.

On the other hand, both Shoprite and Food Lovers Market have said that they’re not currently rationing their eggs and have no plans to do so in the near future if they could help it.

Image credit: Hindustan Times

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