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Several Formula 1 drivers have asked for the Qatar Grand Prix to be moved a cooler time of the year or scrapped completely as it’s too gruelling.

Logan Sargeant of the Williams team was only able to complete 40 laps before he retired. The American said he felt too sick to continue and have vomited after suffering severe dehydration.

Fellow driver Esteban Ocon finished the race and ended in seventh place, but afterwards he revealed that he vomited during laps 15 and 16 and felt ill. He was able to focus again and continued the race.

“I was mentally fighting to focus… I have never in the past had any experience like. I prepared to race for two race distances, but this was too much for me.”

Ocon said it was his hardest race ever.

“It must have been 80 degrees (Celsius) in the car… It was my hardest ever race and the toughest four points I’ve won.”

Charles Leclerc managed to finish in fifth place and said the heat was crazy.

“That was the toughest race of my career and I think it is the same for all of us. The heat was crazy. It is a high-speed circuit, with high-speed corners which is harder for us and, thirdly, we had to make three-pit stops for the tyres.”

It’s already been confirmed by the FIA that next year’s race is scheduled for December when it will be cooler.

Image credit: GPFans

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