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A small city in the southwestern region of

Japan is under attack from a wild monkey. It’s been reported that the monkey breaks into homes to bite and claw residents.

According to the city’s administrative office, 20 people in the Ogori area of Yamaguchi have been attacked by the monkey since the first report on 8 July.

The neighbourhood is a residential area where wild monkeys are hardly seen outside of the forest.

CNN reports that the youngest victim is a 10-month-old girl, whose leg was scratched by the monkey after it entered through a screen door on the first floor of her house. On Tuesday evening, the monkey struck at an elementary school, biting a 10-year-old boy on the arm and both hands.

While no one has been able to confirm what type of monkey it is, the area is home to macaques, known as Japanese snow monkeys.

The parks in the area are known to be terrorised by macaques, often scavenging for food and bothering visitors for more food.

Police have been ramping up patrols in the area and have urged the public to keep their windows closed while the hunt continues.

Image credit: Live Science

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