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Cape Town City Hall is very likely to play host to the sitting of the National Assembly.

Although the meeting was originally scheduled for this week, the National Assembly programming committee decided to move the date so that all 400 MPs could be accommodated.

The new date has been announced as Tuesday 13 December.

This penultimate sitting for the year is an important one as all the MPs will be asked to vote on whether the country will adopt the Section 89 panel report. Another very important task that the lawmakers will have will be to decide on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s fate.

The use of the sub judice rule has heard many competing arguments as an automatic and complete bar to the National Assembly would not be permissible. This is especially impossible when the president is being held to account.

The President faces a motion of no confidence after it was alleged he covered up a robbery that happened at his private game reserve in Limpopo. It’s alleged a domestic worker conspired with several other people to break into the main house at Phala Phala and steal foreign currency that was hidden in furniture.

At this stage it’s not clear whether the sitting will take place at Cape Town City Hall.

Image credit: Bloomberg

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