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Twins Ian and Laia were born nine days apart. This rare delivery took place in Sant Joan de Deu Barcelona Hospital in Rubi, near Barcelona, Spain.

The births took place on 17 and 26 January. The rare delivery is known as asynchronous birth or delayed interval delivery.

The two babies were very premature. According to the parents, Laura Pupo and Jose Carlos Martins, Ian was born at 28 weeks and three days, and Laia at 29 weeks and five days.

They weighed just over 1 kilogram each at birth.

After Ian’s birth, Laia had to remain in utero for as long as possible to increase her chances of survival.

The twins are now 10 months old and healthy without long-lasting complications.

Laura said that she has a lot of health workers in her family and for all of them it was the first of its kind. Even the hospital staff had never seen anything like it.

“The midwife told me she has been working for 30 years and that she had not hear of an asynchronous delivery before. For those who are engaged in this, it was also something new.”

Image credit: Good Morning America

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