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New York City has advertised for a new Director of Rodent Mitigation. Because of the massive rat problem in the city, authorities are willing to shell out a lot of money for the person chosen to become the rat problem solver.

The city has long been struggling with rats and authorities take the matter very seriously. It’s estimated that there are two million rats running around the city. That would come down to four rats for every New Yorker.

According to an ad placed, the “ideal candidate is highly motivated and somewhat bloodthirsty”.

The chosen person could earn up to R3 million per year and will be “leading from the front with hands-on extermination techniques”.

Thrillist reports that Mayor Eric Adams signed a new legislation, dubbed the Rat Action Plan, in November to expand NYC’s vermin mitigation efforts.

“There’s nothing I hate more than rats,” Adams said in a statement. “Getting our city clean and ridding our streets of these filthy creatures are key to our recovery.”

To apply for this position which has now gone viral in the Big Apple, you have to submit your CV, a cover letter and three references. It’s not clear when it will be announced who the new Director of Rodent Mitigation will be.

Image credit: The New York Times



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