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In times of darkness, a form of light always has magical effects.

While South Africa is battling with horrible loadshedding schedules and no sign that it will get better anytime soon, everyone’s favourite loadshedding app has added a little something to their usual lineup.

EskomSePush has recently released a user interface update. Although the new look and feel adds a bit of glam to the boring loadshedding schedule, it also adds a hidden game for all app users to enjoy.

Welcome back, Snake!

The game was first launched on Nokia phones in 1997 and now, thanks to the app, it’s making a comeback.

Cathryn Reece, product specialist at EskomSePush said it happened by chance.

“When we were updating the new loadshedding timeline graphic, we couldn’t help but notice it looked a lot like a little snake.”

The app developers stuck to the basic formula of Snake, but updated it so that it’s more relevant. Instead of eating fruit, the snake now eats batteries and green power-ups. The snake’s movements get faster as the stages of loadshedding increase later in the game.

Want to play? Hit the ‘My Areas’ section on the app and then click on one of the timelines under the day’s date.

Image credit: htxt

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