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It’s been called India’s worst train crash in two decades. With 280 people dead and approximately 1 200 injured, it’s understandable.

A passenger train went off the track and hit a goods train. Soon after that, another passenger train coming from the opposite direction then hit the carriages strewn across the tracks.

After visiting the site, Jay Varma Sinha, an Indian railways ministry official said that the speed at which the first passenger train hit the goods train had impacted the massive number of deaths and injuries.

The goods train was carrying iron ore.

“The impact was high as the train was moving at full speed, 128 km/h and the other issue here is that it was a goods train carrying iron ore, which is a heavy train so the entire impact on the collision was felt on the moving train.”

The accident took place in the middle of farm fields and locals in the area ran towards the scene to help where they could.

The country’s Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, also visited the site over the weekend. He praised local authorities and rescue workers for their efforts and said those responsible will be brought to justice.

“We can’t bring back those we have lost but the government is with them (families) in their grief. This incident is very serious for the government… Whoever is found guilty will be punished severely.”

Image credit: People

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