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A new trend is doing the round on social media. Russian influencers have started to post videos of themselves cutting up Chanel bags, shoes and handbags.

This comes after the French luxury brand stopped sales in Russia. Chanel was one of the various international brands that decided to halt sales or temporarily close shop in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

Totum reports that not only did the luxury brand close all of its Russian stores, but it also went a step further by announcing it would ban customers from buying bags if they had intentions to take them to Russia. The move complies with European Union sanctions banning the sale to Russia of luxury goods priced more than 300 euros.

Soon after Chanel’s announcement, a campaign was initiated by a Russian TV presenter and actress who filmed herself as she cut up her Chanel handbag in protest.

Russian model Victory Bonya also posted a video of herself cutting up a Chanel handbag. The post was accompanied by the following caption: “If Chanel house does not respect their clients, why do we have to respect Chanel house?’

Other influencers in Russia soon followed suit. DJ Katya Guseva posted on Instagram: “I always dreamt that a #Chanel handbag would appear in my wardrobe and it happened last year. But after I heard about the brand’s policy towards Russians, I made a decision to remove these bags from my daily life until the situation changes.”

Image credit: The Quint

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