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If you’re at a loss for words or you only have

an image, you’re not able to combine the two options to search for something on Google.

Combining these two options will give users a better search result. You can be very specific in your search or not at all, that’s the beauty of this feature.

CNN reports that with this feature, you could search for a shirt similar to one in a photo but type you want it with ‘polka dots’, or take a picture of your couch and type ‘chair’ to find ones that look similar.

For now, the new ‘multisearch’ option is only available for people in the United States. Google is currently treating it as an experiment and its main aim is to make shopping easier for users, although it’s not limited to shopping only.

Google has been very vocal about its efforts to make search more flexible and less bound to words. Although an image search option has been part of Google’s offering for quite a few years, in 2020 users were also given the ability to hum a tune and Google would search for specific songs.

To use multisearch might be a bit of a challenge though. CNN reports that you have to open Google’s mobile app on your phone, then tap a camera icon on the right side of the search bat to open Google Lens. You can take or upload a picture, and then tap a little bar containing a plus sign and the phrase “add to your search”. This lets you type words to better explain what you want.

Image credit: Peta Pixel

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