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American singer Selena Gomez raised a few eyebrows when she recently said in an interview that she hasn’t been on the internet in over four years.

The 29-year-old has more than 310 million followers on Instagram.

During an interview on Good Morning America, Gomez said that her mental wellness journey took a huge turn for the better after she decided to step away from social media.

“I haven’t been on the internet in four and a half years. It has changed my life completely.”

Asked who is in charge of her posts if she’s not the person posting to her social media accounts, she explained that while she assists her team with curating her content, she herself isn’t the person hitting the post button, reports Billboard.

As part of her efforts to help others with mental health problems, the singer, along with her mother Mandy Teefy and businesswoman Daniella Pierson, has created a site with psychological practices and tools people can use to practice mental fitness.

During her interview on Good Morning America, she said she hopes people remember her for the way she cared about people.

“If I’m known for anything, I hope it’s simply just for the way I care about people. I really, really want people to be understood and seen and heard. Those days where I don’t want to get out of bed, if I had something like Wondermind – even if it took me a minute to get into it – it’s just there, and there’s something really comforting about that.”

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