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If you’re not keen on breakfast or you’re trying your hand at fasting, then Van might not be the number one place on your bucket list.

That’s because this town in the far east of Turkey is known as the breakfast capital of the world and it’s all thanks to one street.

Aptly named Breakfast Street by locals, the chances of you getting your hands on a traditional western breakfast like bagels, scones or croissants aren’t that big.

You’re more likely to find a breakfast spread. According to CNN Business, these morning banquets can contain up to 30 different dishes, and they often have a heavy emphasis on the prized dairy produce from livestock that grazes on the surrounding Anatolian plateaus.

These dairy produces include clotted buffalo cream; a thick roux of butter and flour mixed with crispy scrambled egg; a sweet porridge-like paste made of ground wheat toasted in butter and sugar; and a crumbly and potent white cheese often blended with local wild leeks, mountain thyme, fennel, mint, and sirmo.

Aylin Oney Tan told CNN Business that it’s all about smaller portions.

“You have to have lots of different small plates of local delicacies. That is what Van’s breakfasts are all about. There won’t be space for anything else on the table.”

Image credit: Twitter

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