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Cabinet has given its approval to amend the design of the country’s 2023 series of coins.

On Friday the new dimension, design and compilation of the year 2023 Fourth Decimal Coin Series of South Africa was given two thumbs up.

The biggest change is the insertion of the words “South Africa” on one side of the coins and printed in all the official languages.

Business Insider reports that the coins will be minted on a rotational system with the use of all the official languages being printed onto the coin over a certain period. For the next ten years, the languages will be alternated annually.

Here’s an outline of the coins and the languages to be used:

The R5 coin will include three languages, while the R2, 50c and 10 coins will include two languages. The R1 coin will only include one language.

The current denominations have been in circulation since 1989 and are part of the Third Coin Series. In recent years some coins have fallen out of production. The 1c, 2c and 5c coins, which used to depict various types of birds, are no longer in use.

It’s not clear when the new coins will be introduced into the system or what the designs will look like, but it is expected to happen within the next year or two.

Image credit: YouTube

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