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A squirrel who has been hiding on a boat travelling from India to Scotland is now being looked after by an animal rescue charity in Scotland.

The vessel, Deep Explorer, took three weeks to reach the port in Aberdeen after it departed from India. The squirrel was only captured three days before the ship docked.

Although the squirrel was seen on board before it was captured, the people on board couldn’t keep us with the squirrel to capture it.

Pest Solutions in the city of Aberdeen called The North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre to assist with caring for the squirrel.

The squirrel has been identified as a palm squirrel and has been named Zippy based on the speed he used to avoid being captured onboard the ship.

The Centre’s Keith Marley told RTE that they only managed to capture him just before they arrived in Aberdeen.

“It is a three-week trip from India and the crew got him three days before they got here.”

The crew kept Zippy alive by feeding him grapes and giving him water.

Since Zippy won’t survive in the wild anymore, the Centre is in contact with local zoos.

Image credit: The Scotsman

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