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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has been forced to recall more than two million vehicles in the United States. This comes after a local safety regulator cited safety concerns.

This is the largest recall that Tesla has ever had to implement.

The recall will require Tesla to install new safeguards in its Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system. The aim is to ensure drivers pay better attention when using the system.

The electric vehicle manufacturer led by billionaire Elon Musk was praised by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for agreeing to the recall.

A spokesperson for the NHTSA said its main concern was that people didn’t pay attention when the system was activated.

Tesla said it didn’t agree with the NHTSA’s analysis, but it will “incorporate additional controls and alerts to those already existing on affected vehicles to further encourage the driver to adhere to their continuous driving responsibility whenever Autosteer is engaged”.

In Canada, Tesla will recall 193,000 vehicles to ensure the Autopilot issue is resolved.

At this stage, it’s unclear if China will also demand a recall.

Image credit: Investopedia

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