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The new Jacques Pauw book, "The President's Keepers", comes out this week revealing shocking truths about South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma. Pauw uncovers these stories from his point of view as an investigative journalist. There are a few revelations that the books outline that reveal some less than pure incidents:

  • The first revelation of the book is that Zuma was paid a salary of R1 million per month from a company run by Roy Moodley, who very openly supports the ANC. Zuma then hid this money from SARS to prevent being taxed but SARS has been investigating this case since the warning bells of fraud started ringing. 
  • Zuma's son, Duduzane, was seen entering the Gupta's residence with a Hawks member to allegedly attended an interview with the ministers on the panel. It's alledged the Gupta's have used Zuma to try capture the state.
  • The National Director of Public Prosecutions has been uncovered as a pawn for the police's crime intelligence unit. 
  • Zuma's ex–wife, Dlamini Zuma is being paid by the shady director of a cigarette company, Adriano Mazzoti to push her campaign for becoming president. Mozzoti has been accused of previously bribing public officials, laundering money and committing fraud through his cigarette company. His involvement in the government just spells bad news. 

The details of these shady events are all spilled in the book, and let's not forget the several hundred fraud charges hanging over Zuma too. With more and more skeletons appearing from his closet, you have to wonder what's going through Zuma's mind, and what will be revealed next.

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