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A woman from the North West province turned 128 last week, making her the world’s oldest woman.

Johanna Mazibuko has said that she can’t really remember her childhood that well. She grew up on farms and credits fresh milk and wild spinach for reaching this milestone of an age.

She does, however, remember the time there was a locust infestation on their farm. She told News24 that there were ones they would catch and eat.

“It was like eating meat. We would just fry them and eat them like that, just on their own.”

Even though she is illiterate, she said that she’s the eldest of 12 siblings and that three of them are still alive today.

Johanna was married to Stawana Mazibuko, although she can’t remember at what age.

“I was married to an older man. His first wife had died. He was an independent man. He had a horse carriage and cows. I would milk the cows and make butter to sell.”

“That man treated me very well and made me forget about my life before him. I did not want for anything.”

Johanna and Stawana had seven kids together. Two of them are still alive today.

Besides her two children, Johanna is the proud grandmother and great grandmother of 50 kids.

Johanna was asked to provide a copy of her identity document so that authorities could check if she really is the oldest woman in the world.

Image credit: The Mirror

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