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Typhoon Jebi Is The Strongest Storm To Hit Japan In 25 Years
Ten people have been killed and 200 injured by the 135mph winds and more than a million people have been
Hurricane Lane Pours Down On Hawaii
Hurrican Lane, the first hurricane since 1992, pours down in Hawaii, which is now in a state of emergency.The
Video: Parts Of Indonesia Destroyed After 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake
Hundreds of people have been left devastated as a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook Lombok, Indonesia, destroying
Floods Drown Out The Recently Drought Stricken Land
The tell-tale signs of winter arriving in Cape Town are here and, while the rain is welcomed by those
Cape Town Residence Warned Of Floods
Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre issued an alert on Monday for heavy downpours of rain
Cape Town Moves From One Disaster To The Next As It Slowly Sinks
South Africans breathed a sigh of relief as the long-awaited rainfall broke one of the worst droughts
Madagascar Cyclone Death Toll Rise To 51, 22 Missing
Tropical cyclone Ava hit Madagascar earlier this month and has claimed 51 lives, with 54,000 people displaced
Video: Sahara Desert Gets Snow Fall For The Third Time In 40 Years
Snowfall covered the desert dunes in a layer up to 40cm deep. The Snow started falling on the Algerian
Video: Guess What? Snow Falls In Certain Parts Of Kzn
While parts of the South African province enjoyed some much-needed rain, others woke up to find their
The First Aerial Photos Of The Massive New Antarctic Iceberg. It Is Breathtaking!
Each Antarctic spring and summer, NASA flies special aircrafts over the continent to keep tabs on how
Video: Report: Climate Changes Pushing Earth Towards Risky 'tipping Points'
As the climate changes drive up the temperature, Earth comes ever closer to dangerous tipping points
Video: Thousands Of Schools Close And Vehicle Accidents Aplenty As Smog Envelopes India And Pakistan
Across large swathes of north India, schools closed down on Thursday as pollution hit hazardous levels
Video: 2017 Is Set To Be Among The Top 3 Hottest Years
The UNs weather and climate agency say 2017 is set to become the hottest year on record aside from those
Video: Typhoon Lan Hits Japan With Ferocious Winds
At least two people were killed and many injured as a mammoth typhoon struck Japan, with dangerous winds,
Weeks After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans Are Still Struggling
Four weeks since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, recovery priorities are to make sure food, water
Video: Hurricane Ophelia Cuased Some Searious Damage
Three people have died since hurricane Ophelia started causing damage and destruction across Ireland,
Ireland Closes Schools As Hurricane Ophelia Approaches
Dublin, Ireland has ordered schools to close as the country braces for an unprecedented storm with
Death Toll Climbs To 31 People In California Wildfires
Hundreds remain missing as at least 22 fires rampaged across Californias famous wine country, and the
Video: Aerial Footage Shows California Districts Wiped Out By Wildfires
This new aerial footage shows entire neighbourhoods wiped out by wildfires in Sonoma County.There
Video: Kzn Hit By Heavy Rain And Flooding, 7 Killed
After South Africans in Johannesburg suffered and uncommon tornado on Monday, their countrymen in Kwazulu-Natal
Deadly Wildfires Sweep Through California Wine Country
Parts of Californias wine region are being ravaged by fast-spreading wildfires that have killed at least
Video: One Dead And Four Injured In Storms On The West Rand, Gauteng
One person has been reported killed and four others injured in the Krugersdorp area on the West Rand
Video: Methane Emissions From Livestock Off By As Much As 10%
Methane Emission Data from Livestock off by as much as 10% Yes, Farts are funny, however, Global
Triple Storms Hurtling Towards The Uk
Triple storms hurtling towards the UK In the past 24 hours weather satellites have seen two hurricanes