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Beachgoers all over the world are always

warned to be on the lookout for sharks. Now those who love to take a dip in the ocean in Fukui, Japan have to keep their eyes open for a sea-living creature of a different kind.

According to local media reports, at least 10 incidents involving dolphin bites have been recorded in the area since the beach opened for summer on 9 July.

Although no one has been seriously injured, some of those who have been bitten are too scared to go back into the water.

With many visitors to the beach being big dolphin fans, a sign has been put up to warn people not to touch the animal as it could lead to injury.

In a tweet on Monday, Fukui prefectural police warned people: “Dolphins tend to be considered cute, but if you approach wild dolphins carelessly, you might get bitten and injured.”

Masaki Yasui, an official from the tourism promotion department told AFP that they’ve been giving locals tips on how to deal with the dolphin when it approaches them in the water.

“We understand that there are certain body parts where dolphins don’t like to be touched, like the tip of its nose and its back fin.”

City officials have denied claims that more than one dolphin might be involved as they believe it’s the work of one dolphin.

Locals have now set up a device that emits ultrasonic frequencies hoping it would get the dolphin out of their swimming area.

Image credit: TODAY Online

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