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The heatwave currently sweeping through the

United Kingdom has seen a lot of people struggling to cope.

With many people trying different ways to combat the heat, the royal guards at Buckingham Palace have broken tradition to do just that.

The guards, dressed in their famous red jackets and black fur hats, are traditionally known for their very serious demeanour. Over the decades, many tourists have tried to make them laugh, have posed next to them and many other challenges, but all have failed.

That is until this week when the guards took a break from their stance to take a sip of water as temperatures kept climbing.

News24 reports that forecasters said the current national record of 38.7 degrees Celsius could be broken as temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. Experts are blaming climate change for extreme weather conditions.

Prince Charles, a big advocate against climate change, visited Cornwall this week where he addressed the issue.

“If I may say so, those commitments around net zero have never been more vitally important as we all swelter under today’s alarming, record temperatures across Britain and Europe. As I have tried to indicate for quite some time, the climate crisis really is a genuine emergency and tackling it is utterly essential, for Cornwall, the country and the rest of the world.”

Image credit: People

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