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A waitress in Pennsylvania, United States

was left speechless after a customer left her a $3 000 tip.

Eric Smith was in Pennsylvania on a visit when he enjoyed a stromboli at Alfredo’s Café in Scranton. His waitress, Mariana Lambert brought him the bill and then got the surprise of her life.

“When the time came to pay his check, Lambert came into my office with tears in her eyes and shaking, stating a customer was leaving her a $3 000 tip on his $13.25 bill,” said Matt Martini, a manager at Alfredo’s, in a statement shared with CNN.

Another manager said the customer was involved in cryptocurrency and that he was trying to give back to the community.

“I’m happy to see that people are giving back. It’s a very hard industry to be involved in, especially during Covid.”

It seems as if the generous customer was inspired by the “Tips for Jesus” trend that’s been doing the rounds on social media. The phrase, written on his credit card receipt, references the Instagram account @tipsforjesus which has been operated by an anonymous user for several years.

The user leaves large amounts of tips for servers and leaves the phrase on the receipt.

According to the manager, the big tips “really helped out” Lambert who’s been working at the restaurant for almost two years.

“It’s good to know there’s still good people out there. It helped her a lot.”

Image credit: The Daily Meal

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