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There’s no doubt that tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are some of the most wanted items in the world at the moment. When you’ve got tickets, you’ve got a lot of power.

That’s what happened when a wedding venue owner in the US posted a video on TikTok saying she’d be willing to trade her wedding venue for one night for tickets to the concert. She cheekily added “I’m not kidding.” to the video.

Emily Cloud and her husband own the Vintage Rose wedding venue in Idaho.

The video went viral pretty quickly and without knowing it, Taylor Swift was involved in a deal between a couple and the owners of the venue.

Mix106 reports that the video found its way to a woman whose daughter was in a long-term relationship with the man she believed she would marry.

Jennifer Bowerman and her husband got engaged soon after that and Jennifer’s mom suggested they swap their tickets for the venue. Jennifer contacted the venue and offered three of her six tickets to Emily who accepted.

The wedding happened, the concert happened, and everyone was happy. Who knows, this could be an inspiration for a new Taylor Swift song.

Image credit: letsmove

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