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2024 will not only ring in the new year but also a new law for Australians.

The country will ban all imports of disposable vapes come 1 January. The news was announced by the Australian government and welcomed by health officials.

The aim of the ban is to reverse a “disturbing” increase in vaping among young people, according to Health Minister Mark Butler.

The announcement was first revealed in May, but no start date was given.

According to stats released by the Australian government, about one in seven children aged 14 – 17 uses vapes.

Butler said initially vapes were sold to governments as a way to help long-term smokers quit.

“It was not sold as a recreational product, especially not one targeted to our kids, but that is what it has become,” he said.

“The great majority of vapes contain nicotine, and children are becoming addicted.”

The Australian Medical Association welcomed the import ban.

“Australia has been a world leader in reducing smoking rates and the subsequent health harms, so the government’s decisive action to stop vaping in its tracks and prevent further harm is very welcome.”

Image credit: Reuters

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