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Canadian Wildfires Smoke Reach Norway

This week, New York was covered in a cloud

of smoke due to the Canadian wildfires. The smoke drifted down to cover large parts of North America.

Now, it seems as if the smoke has drifted across the Atlantic as Greenland and Iceland have both reported smoke observations since 1 June.

Norway has now also reported that the Climate and Environmental Research Institute have observed smoke particles in the country.

Nikolaos Evangeliou, a senior scientist at the institute, said that even though the smoke has been detected in Norway, it seems as if it won’t be harmful.

“We may be able to see some haze or smell smoke. However, we do not believe that the number of particles in the air here in Norway will be large enough to be harmful to our health.”

With the arrival of the smoke in New York this week, many New Yorkers started wearing their Covid-19 masks again. Authorities believe that the air should be cleared by the weekend.

Image credit: Almost Mag


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