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It’s not every day that UFC star Conor McGregor agrees to fake punch someone, but the Irishman did just that as part of an advertising campaign. And then things went south, by accident.

The Irishman agreed to fake fight the Miami Heat mascot, Burnie as part of a stunt to promote a pain relief spray. The stunt took place during the third quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami.

The stunt happened according to plan and McGregor sprayed the pain relief spray on Burnie after the ‘fight’.

The Athletic then reported that the man playing Burnie was taken to a local hospital’s emergency room after the stunt. He was treated and received pain medication before he was sent home.

CNN reports that Burnie, who sported large gold boxing gloves and a boxing robe, was punched once by McGregor and fell to the ground. Once on the ground, McGregor landed another punch before the mascot was dragged off the court.

Representatives for both the Miami Heat team and McGregor haven’t commented on the matter yet.

Image credit: CNN

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